Life begins only when you start searching for Love. Living is the art of being and is the answer to all that has ever been asked.  Life is You.

Are you really living?

Humans are currently not really living. Humanity too, is asleep. Perhaps better said, Humanity hasn’t as yet been born.

One Human has been born with the understanding that he does not exist.  In leaving behind this realisation, he fully awakened to the only Reality. The Sun was thereby born, the Now awoke to itself and Real Existence began living the dream in Truth. He realized too, that even the ones who thought they were fully awakened are still living in duality, as their journey into true awakening  stopped at “I am That (God).” Beyond that is Nothingness, and the Knowing there is no one even to say “I am”. Everything Is as It Is. Love is pure, untouched, and not possessed.

If we look at today’s world, we can conclude that Humanity hasn’t as yet been born. Love is still not the foundation on which our cultures are based. Do you know why? As long as we don’t understand we are the source of all, an understanding of Love cannot emerge. Love must emerge from Nothing, the Source that is ultimately still. Nothing must be reflected in Life and shine forth from your eyes as Love.  Love of Life must be inhaled every moment, realising “All there is” is Now, and that nothing belongs to us. With each inhalation feel this Truth, make it your daily practice to do so. Say it. Read these words out loud again. Meaningful words have true power, they vibrate and transform this material realm for the benefit of humanity.

Feelings too, along with your thoughts, are your tools as a temporary means with which to discover forgotten Reality. The Reality of you. The Reality of you being your life’s architect using your thoughts and your feelings to construct your life… The substance you use is Love. “All there Is” is Love. Even when your mind labels them good or bad, happy or sad, dark or light, all is Love, Which we see or do not see. Love is the fabric of the Universe and All Existence. Love too, is the fabric of all meaning. There is an Intelligence operating everywhere throughout the Universe, this world, our bodies and minds. This Intelligence is Love in action. Brothers and Sisters of the world, all things are possible and transformation is there for you.

In order to find out what needs to be changed first, we must see that spark in us. Stop for a moment, breath in, look around and see the beauty if you can. Many of us have been conditioned to see the world as a machine, and therefore see ourselves and others as merely mechanical parts. Our modern medicine, science, social structure, cities, educational systems and all the organisations we have established so far make one main false assumption that “all there is” is just matter. Solid matter  with everything being separate from one other.

Have you asked yourself what is Unity actually? What does Oneness mean? Why do we have separation in the first place? It all comes from another false assumption, which is, that we exist. Yes, now it is time to hear that what you call “I” does not exist at all in Reality. Ask yourself again, “what did you bring to this planet? Do you remember the moment you were born? What makes us human? Our bodies? Our minds? Our Heart? Our Soul? How do we know the soul? Who owns this quartet? You say, ” this is my soul, my heart, my mind, my body.” Who is saying these words? The answer is simple, it is your mind conditioned to think that it owns itself, the body, the heart and the soul. If the mind owns all three of these things, are you your mind?

Who is walking when you walk? Do you know how to walk? Don’t get upset! Just sincerely think about it! Can you really walk? Do you know which muscles to fire up, or the order in which every little muscle is stimulated into action in your body or the required set of commands needed to initiate a movement? Can you precisely calculate the distance in order to step onto a staircase? All you do is make a decision. Your body says, “I am thirsty,” and you make the decision to go to the fridge to get the water, all the rest of how you get there is done in perfect harmony by your body without your intervention.

Toward the One, the  Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,” said Inayat Khan one of the 20th century mystics.

What is Love? One Lover, one Beloved and the irresistibly desirous attraction between them. Let’s investigate romantic love. What happens when you are in love? You disappear in what you love. Remember when you were in love with someone, were you able to think of  anything other than him or her? Wasn’t that an experience of eternal silence and sense of completeness when you were together, even if you weren’t speaking? Was your mind wondering about yesterday or tomorrow? It was experiencing the Present Moment; it was dwelling in the Now. “All there is” was full and united. You didn’t need more knowledge, power or money. You were complete. Wasn’t that beautiful? Why did you leave that experience and that eternal feeling? How come it passed away? It is all because we don’t exist in love – we turn into what we love. So you turn into an image of your beloved as you can’t really be your beloved. How can you love an image? Dissatisfaction starts kicking in. The feeling falls off and a sense of incompleteness emerges again. The mind wants more. Our conditioning drives us to want more. What is more? Where did the love go to?

I ask you, what happens if you love someone who knows he/she does not exist? Can you create an image of him/her?

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