This is a magical world. “All there Is” is you; you are the magnificent reflection of “All that Is” in the world of Existence and three dimensions. Let us wake up from this illusion. We have to realize we will leave this body one day; we have to realize all of our possessions will be left behind as we depart for our next new adventure.

What is joy? How would you describe the sincere laughter of a little toddler? Joy is peace in movement. Joy is Action with Love. It forms the foundational purpose of Life and Living. Being JOY is the key. Your Love flows at great speed when you are Joy-full. You are in the Now, alert and receptive. You are Alive. Life is flowing and Life turns into Love. Do you exist when you are Joyful? Can you be Joyful in the past or future? Can you remember a moment when you were joyful or dreamed about being joyful in the future? When your daughter finishes university, when your son gets married, when you are dancing your partner? You can dream all about these and hope you will be joyful  on that day, or you can Live in Joy right Now!

Joy is not in simple things! Yes, you heard right! Don’t look for simple things for Joy, don’t look for complex big things for Joy. Don’t look anywhere for Joy. Just be in the NOW and experience JOY. When you don’t exist, when you are in the present moment, when you are not judging, Joy is there along with the taste. The taste of Love. Have you ever tasted Love?

The one who tasted was Her (God), but you are with Her somehow experiencing the taste.

Observe all beings, from a tree to a pencil and see they are all vibrating with Joy. You are in that vibration at all times, unless you judge. Judgement breaks the Flow of Love, creating sharp corners in Life. Here we are interested in Freedom, here we are interested in True Being. Here we are interested in the NOW, because we are interested in discovering who we really are  and relinquishing ownership of “All there Is” to “All That Is”.

You might ask yourself every now and then, “where is my life going?” The important question here is not where it is but HOW. How is my life going? Am I enjoying it or are there strife and pain all the time? What is the reason behind the pain?

How can I avoid the pain permanently? Is it even possible to live in peace and harmony at all times? What do we need to remain in Love and Now? If you look at this issue of freedom closely, you will figure out the source of the issue is the mind that is identified with itself. It is not identified with your thoughts, it is not identified with your body as other spiritual traditions believe. It is not identified with any object in “All there Is”. IT IS IDENTIFIED WITH ITSELF for it has agreed on the false information and premise that it exists.

Can you hold, touch, smell, see, and hear your mind? You can only hear or see the product of the mind that we call thoughts, and only they grow if there is a seed, that is to say, an external input from the world of Existence. Mind is the field of No-thingness where Everything appears. IT IS BING BANG every moment! Everything is created out of Nothing every moment. Your mind is the MIRROR to “All There Is.” Your mind is the son of “All That Is,” and father and son are one and the same.

  JOY is the harmonious reflection of the world on this mirror so that God can see Her Beauty. Experience is the taste and Conscious, Awake and Alive Joyous Experience is God in Action.  Painful Experience is God in Action unconsciously, asleep and dead. When the deadness dies, the True One jumps up and Lives! Death is simply nothingness which you already are. Live in the world of turmoil as if you are dead, Live in the World of Wonders as if You are God. Being and Non-Being are together in your Nature giving rise to JOY. When you feel the JOY that is Ultimate True Heaven. When the action ceases to exist then PEACE emerges as stillness. Just breathe and let your Nature LIVE and LET LOVE TAKE OVER. God is LOVE but you are MORE. MORE without anything. Nothing that is Everything. Everything that emerges from Nothing.

“All there Is” is LOVE; Intelligence in Action is Love and the state of Intelligence in LOVE is JOY. “All That Is” is Father to all

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