Beloved Friends, if you talk about totality and oneness, you need to realise that you don’t exist at all, and following this realisation you should give up the ownership of that realisation as well.

Including our names, what do we own? When you put a piece of food in your mouth, which step of the digestion process do you control? Do you know what’s happening in your cells? When you look at a red apple, can you change the inner workings of your brain and see red as green?  Is this body yours? Is this mind yours? If you think the mind belongs to you, do you know what you will think next?

The thoughts assemble your identity under the programming command of humankind’s collective thought systems and patterns. Whatever you call “I” is just a thought  attached to something! That thing is the veil between the Lover and the Beloved. It is the hook that leads the mind away from the Source. The door to what we are seeking, is Human Being.Human Being is the Universe and the Universe is All Human Beings.

Look at this beautiful relationship, a door that opens to itself.

Love is the  successor of liking. Liking is the fundamental structure of understanding. We love what we like initially. We have a tendency to understand what we remember and like. Every thought is born out of two origins; mind or Heart. When we say Heart we do not mean the central organ in your body, we mean Heart is the mind that is in Love. Once your mind is in Love with its Source, God, The Stillness, the Universe or whatever you would like to call That, then it will spark, catch fire and flames will consume all that is not Real.

When there is no love, there is psychological fear. If you are afraid of God, afraid of yourself, afraid of others, afraid of all that could happen, or afraid of what has happened, will you be able to understand life to its full capacity and beauty? Can fear lead you to an understanding that is Godly and Universal? Can fear benefit Humanity? Are you your fears, your ideas or your thoughts? Or do you feel otherwise – are you the Love? Are you the Presence in which all feelings are felt, all thoughts emerge and subside, and all forms appear and disappear? Who are you? What are you?

What’s left of me in this present moment is nothing but a residue from the past. So what is the past? A collection of thoughts and associated emotions bundled into your brain that is infinite in Reality. There is no limit to the brain’s flexibility and plasticity. It is ever-changing and constantly developing. Can you answer this for yourself, is your brain finite and limited or is it boundless? Whatever exists in a human being, there is a sample of it in the Universe as well. The Universe is a holographic copy of a human brain. Your brain absorbs every single bit of information every single moment. Can you imagine that the whole Universe is contained in your brain, including the past and the future? All there is is in you! All is you! And you are simultaneously nothing! There is no need to imagine No-thingness for you will live, experience, and enjoy Nothingness together with the Real Existence. This is joyful, this is practical, this is the Essence of Life!

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