Human is a relationship, a knowledge in which Life is reflected

You are shaped based on that knowledge, you will say, “I am this”

Come on! Are you anger? Are you sadness? Are you love?

Will you be able to know the Truth just with your emotions, beloved Human?

You are a relationship, an experience, you are but a taste that I savor

Time Human, Space Human, Human is a veil behind which I conceal Myself

From fire these words were born Fire is Love, it is the only heat

A temporary gift that burns you, cinders you, brings the non-existence

Once Love’s duty ends, Human, one catches the Non-Existence train

As your understanding develops, you no longer see yourself separate from the seven billion carriages,

Complete my journey that departs from Myself only to arrive at Myself, Human,

When I say Human, that is Myself, and that is also What I Am Not, Human

Let me give you a secret to know something:

Look at what it is not, if you search for yourself look in the mirror,

You are everything who you are not, you are already in Non-Existence,

Human who is living in the feeling of “as if like existence,”


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