What is freedom? Are you really free? Is the notion of freedom really applied in our lives?  A human being is free as long as he is not obstructed by beliefs the and manmade conditioning rules. If you don’t have any choice, or you don’t have to make a choice, can you talk about freedom? When we have two options to choose from we consider it freedom; are you really free to pick one of the options that are presented to you?

Can’t you have other alternatives? The Universe is boundless, limitless and so are your minds. How come, with a potentially limitless mind, a free human being can be limited to only two directions from which to choose? Is democracy really true democracy? We continue to live our lives in strife, worrying about tomorrow and trying to avoid the pain of past experiences. Why?

Can you call your life a free life if you don’t know what your true identity really is? Are you your race, language, nation or religion? Even what you eat may be restricted by what your parents and society allowed you to eat.  Do you see the conditioning? Do you see the veil which clouds our perception?  Can you set yourself free from all socially conditioned roles, beliefs and even so-called civilization?

Are you free if you are afraid of living? Are you free to question and understand what we have built as a society so far? We could see the violence as being inside of our own selves; do you think it is yours? Are you the violence? Just observe yourself for a moment, how are you feeling? Happy, discontent, afraid, filled with love, kind, rude or other? Did you put any of these feelings inside yourself? How are they triggered and why? You are what you are experiencing.

Is there anything external to you? No. There is nothing external or internal to you for that matter. There is no differentiation between in and out. “All there Is” is only One and it is Life and Life is you. Can there be any options to choose from if “All there Is” is you?   

Let’s look at relationships as we try to understand Ourselves. Can we exist without a relationship? We are something in relation to something else. That is how we exist. Even “I” exists in relation to others. If you have grown up alone without any human beings would you say to yourself, “I am this” or “I am that”? Therefore, we can conclude that we exist as long as others exist. What if you and I share the same “I”; in other words, what if what we call “I” is the same in all of us? This is where No-thingness needs to be considered.

Can you describe the point of origin? The point of origin called “I” has no substance to it. Your story is there, your body is there, your mind is there, your friends are there, your nation is there, your religion is there, your name is there, your family is there, your job is there, your everything is there… How about yourself? Where is it? Where are you? Who are you? Can you describe it? Do you own anything; can you take your home away from this planet? Can you take your body with you when you pass away? How about your mind? Does it come with you? Did you build your body?  Did you build your mind? What you think is yours actually belongs to this planet, Mother Earth. With love, you were born and with love you will cease to exist again. A journey between two No-thingnesses. Nothing! Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid not to exist! That is the essence of Reality, that is the ultimate Truth! We don’t exist at all. “All There Is” is One and many at the same time, and what you call “I” is a mere shadow of the Universe in Action, Love in Action, Supreme Intelligence in Action.

We are in a dream and simultaneously not in it. When the sole of your foot hurts because of your new shoe, it feels absolutely real. When you experience love and fall in love, that feels absolutely real. Can “I” be the Ultimate Duality existing and simultaneously non-existing? The answer to this question will define freedom. Freedom only comes from Knowing Ourselves. We are what “All there Is” is not. We are the Emptiness acting as a mirror to all things. Think about how you see something. Where is the image reflected and who is seeing that image? The Eyes?

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